We offer courses in Czech, English and Russian for kids aged 3 to 14 at our own centre or run clubs at many international, private and Czech public scools. LEGO EDUCATION uses themed education sets to introduce various topics that children can know from school. Forget individual subjects. Learn all sciences at once. Explore and find out how things work

It´s so much more than just building out of Lego.

While 3-4 year-olds are ready to explore the world that surrounds them: family, food, animals etc., 5-6 year-olds slowly start thinking about how various machines and mechanisms work, what they can use gears for and what they need to make something spin or make any other action. At the right moment we start the problem solving process.

Not only can the 7 year-olds build themselves but because they can connect it to the computer using USB cable, they programme the crocodile that they´d built to snap on a mini-figure when the sensor detects it and then plays a crunching sound from the computer. Or the World of Science programme can show kids how to build a functional battery-operated car. From the age of 8, children work with the Mindstorms set. From the simple mechanisms, we gradually get to sophisticated robots that use gyroscope, touch or colour sensors. Why not build a robotic dog that can bark or come when you whistle.